While the world has changed for everyone—and drugmakers expect some financial pain this year—many enjoyed a productive year last year, with sales increases, new drug launches, M&A deals and plenty of clinical data. Those companies, and some with less stellar résumés, rewarded their CEOs handsomely for that work.

Here the list of Top paid CEOs of 2019

(1) Martine Rothblatt

Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics 
2019 total pay: $45.64 million 
2018 total pay: $16.01 
Percentage change: 185% 

(2) Daniel O’Day

Daniel O’Day, Gilead Sciences
2019 pay: $29.11 million
2018 pay: N/A
Change: N/A

(3) Kenneth Frazier

Kenneth Frazier, Merck & Co.
2019 pay: $27.65 million
2018 pay: $20.93 million
Change: 32%

(4) Alex Gorsky

Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson
2019 total pay
: $25.37 million
2018 total pay: $20.1 million 
Percentage change: 26.2%

(5) Richard Gonzalez

Richard Gonzalez, AbbVie
2019 total pay
: $21.61 million
2018 total pay: $21.28 million
Percentage change: 1.6%

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