As we all know, how challenging it is to do a job as a Medical Representative in the time of Covid-19. Not all companies have paid salary to MR in Covid-19 (lockdown) and have paid only half salary to some. Too many MR jobs are not safe right now. As we all know, in this age of technology and online, our future is not secure.

Therefore, we have to know a lot in the timing of this Covid-19. You should not be dependent on a single job. We need to think about the sources of part-time income that can give us even a small amount of income in such a difficult time.

So today I want to say that we have to continue this job with confidence and raise a source of income so that work can be done in times of crisis. Today I would like to give information about the source of income that we can get part time income without giving more time and leaving the current job.

Income Source 1: –

Amazon Store: – Nowadays it is time for online. Most people will be shopping online today. The prevalence of online is bound to increase day by day. Anyone can create their own store on Amazon and sell the product. I believe that this option is the best option for us. I also have my own store in Amazon. And I also get side income.

How to open a store in Amazon

(1) Company Formation (GST number) (Rs. 1500)

(2) Bank Current Account (for Co-operative) (Rs. 2000)

(2) Printer (Rs. 2000)

(2) Computer or mobile

For less than Rs 10,000, your Amazon store is up and running.

After opening the store, you can sell any product you like. You can also do this part time. If you are married, your wife can also support you in this. And the other benefit is that you can do this business side by side with your job.

Source of income – 2

Facebook Instant Article: –

We all do the job of spending most of the day on mobile. So Facebook Instant Article is a tool from where you can earn a few times income by writing an article online. The funny thing is that you don’t have to invest in this.

How to start a Facebook instant article: –

(1) Blogger is a Gmail tool where you can write and post your articles. Blogger account can be opened for free.

(2) To activate Facebook Instant Article, it is necessary to write a minimum of 10 articles in Blogger.

(3) Have to create your own page on Facebook.

(2) After creating the page, you have to apply for the Facebook Instant Article.

All this can be activated for free. In my opinion, these two sources of income can be very useful in the current standard of living if they are implemented with a positive attitude now.

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